Winning Ugly

Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert

1) Agassi: Move your racket and your feet simultaneously

2) Lendl: Know where your own “personal pitcher’s mound” is and get to it

3) Becker: Believe in yourself. Think positive thoughts about your game and your ability to win

4) McEnroe: Probe. Aggressively search for your opponent’s weaknesses. Put pressure on them

5) Edberg: Have a plan. Stay with it. Don’t get nervous if it doesn’t work immediately. Make your opponent beat you at what you do best

6) Connors: Never give up. Repeat. Never give up

7) Courier: Take your shot when you see your shot

8) Sampras: When you miss three or four serves in a row, shift gears

9) Gilbert: Learn to hate your unforced errors

10) Gilbert: Be observant of your own game and your opponent’s. Know what’s going on during the match

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