Project Hail Mary

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

1) “I know Liberia uses imperial units but I don’t know my own name. That’s irritating.”

2) “‘It took you two days to think of poking it with a stick.'” – Stratt

3) “No meetings. No distractions. Just experimentation and engineering. I’d forgotten how much fun it was to get immersed in a task.”

4) “Wow. I’m sitting here in a spaceship in the Tau Ceti system waiting for intelligent aliens I just met to continue our conversation…and I’m bored.”

5) “I launched Microsoft Excel on another laptop and tape the two laptops together back to back. Yes, I could just run both applications on one laptop, but I don’t want to switch back and forth.

6) “‘And just like that another climate denier is born. See how easy it is? All I have to do is tell you something you don’t want to hear.'” – Dr. Leclerc

7) “‘Has to be, or you and I would not meet. If planet has less science, it no can make spaceship. If planet has more science it can understand and destroy Astrophage without leaving their system. Eridian and human science both in special range: Can make ship, but can’t solve Astrophage problem.'” – Rocky

8) “‘Math is not thinking. Math is procedure. Memory is not thinking. Memory is storage. Thinking is thinking. Problem, solution.'” – Rocky

9) “‘I am sad also. But we not sad for long. You are scientist. I am engineer. Together we solve.'” – Rocky

10) “‘Hey, your face is leaking! I haven’t seen that in a long-ass time! Remind me – does that mean you’re happy or sad? ‘Cause it can mean either one, right?'” – Rocky

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