Klara and the Sun

Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

1) “‘Klara is excellent. She’s one of our finest. But the young lady might be interested to look at the new B3 models that just came in.'” – Manager

2) “‘Children make promises all the time. They come to the window, they promise all kinds of things.'” – Manager

3) “I’d begun to understand also that this wasn’t a trait peculiar to just Josie; that people often felt the need to prepare a side of themselves to display to passers-by – as they might in a store window – and that such a display needn’t be taken so seriously once the moment had passed.”

4) “‘It must be great. Not to miss things. Not to long to get back to something. Not to be looking back all the time.'” – Mother

5) “‘It means you walk into a store or get into a taxi and people take you seriously. Treat you well. Having society. Important, right?'” – Rick

6) “‘I heard this rumour we might be friends again.'” – Rick

7) “‘Isn’t it strange how we all tolerate it? All these mirrors that show you the wrong way round? This one shows you the way you really look. No heavier than the average compact.'” – Dad

8) “‘Our generation still carry the old feelings. A part of us refuses to let go. The part that wants to keep believing there’s something unreachable inside each of us.'” – Mr Capaldi

9) “‘I’m sure, sir, there are all kinds of ethical issues. But in the end, it’s for legislators to decide how these things get regulated, not people like me.'” – Rick

10) “‘There was something very special, but it wasn’t inside Josie. It was inside those who loved her.'” – Manager

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